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Tesjak Nigeria Ventures has broken the barrier associated with land acquisition and documentation, making dreams of low but steady income earners a reality, through our land/property acquisition scheme with the introduction of buying now and paying over a stretched period of time to suite your income and expenditure plan.

We have acquired relevant documentation and agreement with relevant parties which guarantees and ensure a hitch-free process as at when the purchaser is ready to engage the building or construction/construction activities without any disturbance from “omo-onile” or government authorities.


Who we are...What we do.

Tesjak Nig. Ventures is an Estate Management, Construction and Manufacturing company. Our core values are consistency and quality at affordable prices.


As low as N30,000 per month

Football Fans Estate is a uniquely designed Estate sited on Sokoto Road, Atan around the serene city of Ogun State; 15 minutes’ drive from Winners Chapel, Ota. Over 100 Acres of Land is on for sale in sizes of 300sqm (Fans Plot) & 600sqm (Pitch Plot).


Close facilities around the estate

Convenant University, The Bells University, Grandview Estate (Developed by Adron Estate), ABC Gardens, Garden City Estate (Developed by Jumia House), New China Tonal Town, et cetera.


What you stand to enjoy!

+Deed of Assignment, +Global C of O, +Free architectural design, +Allocation Upon 50% down payment, +Mini-Stadium, +Malls, +Viewing Centers, +Branded houses with club logos & colours.